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Best Way to Make Money Online Using Your Computer in 2023


Make money online
Make Money Online

If you’re exactly like me — a tech savvy individual or just a casual technology user, then it’s sure you might have the  same question; How do I make money online? or how do I make money with my PC or Mac? earn online money by typing, earn money online without investment, make money online instant payout, win money online, best ways to make money, money making, how to make quick money, how to make easy money, how to earn money from home, work online get paid instantly. 

you’re in luck in today’s world, I will be showing you a list of the top easiest ways to make money using your computers.

Whether you’re looking for ways to make extra money online on your PC, or  even on your cellphone! So stay tune, your 2022 is about to get a whole lot better.

1. Leveraging the gig economy

There are tons of websites available on the internet that provide you the opportunity to earn some extra money just by using the skills that you already possess and equipment you may already own.

I’m talking about the gig economy here. It’s a great way for people to make money and earn a steady and passive income just by sitting at home doing some few hours work. These sites only require sign up, with some offering premium subscriptions to boost sales and grant access to features like bidding on more proposals.

Some of these include – freelancer, upwork, fiverr, TaskRabbit, etc.

2. Mine Prize

Mine Prize is another way of making money online. And the best part here is that you do not have to do anything at all, you just sit and do a simple thing that you are asked to do. here, you have to allow MINE PRIZE to use the idle CPU power to run a task where you will get paid just by loaning your resources out. 

 MINE PRIZE is totally registration is free, and all you need to have been email address and a strong password to sign up. After you sign up, you’ll be asked to load a specific page, let MINE PRIZE use your resources, and let the money roll in! You can earn more than $100 a month just by letting your computer to work and run some calculation works. 

3. Writing

Everyone is not like professional story writer. But you can also do story writing and do script writing for some movies or some music videos. Or you can also write any story and get publish from anywhere in the world. Use your own writing skills and get a chance to earn passive money.

Start a blog, self, published book, write script for video creator, make affiliate content, create written content for social media, peer check books, help with marketing content, 

4. Coding

Coding, programming or developing is another way of making money online. If you are expert with this type of work and skills, you will easily earn $100 of dollars a month.

There are plenty of resources available on the internet that use low-code or no-code that can help to build you an app or website. You can even make websites and application on your own with your coding abilities and can start earning handsome moneys. 

5. Content Creation

This is another best way of making money online. So here you just need to select a platform that you can work on. Let’s say YouTube, here you need to select a niche where you are going to work on. Create a good content where audience you will like the content and start viewing and subscribing you channel. Once you reach the criteria given by the YouTube partners, you can apply for monetization. And after that you will witness the outcomes of creating good content. 

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way for you where you am start earning. You will need to do some advertising work where in return you will be paid if someone buys with the link that you share and you will get commission for that too. There are many online shopping websites that you can start with affiliate marketing like Amazon associate program, flip kart, Myntra, clickbait, click bank, elementor, a weber, sendinblue, convert fit, lead pages, get response, sem rush,  fiverr, pabbly, etc. 

7. Create a Blog

Writing on a particular niche that you are interested in and after that buy a premuim domain name and submit it for google adsense approval and after you are done with adsense, obviously you will start earning with blog. 

Just write a good value content and share it with people around you and globally where people will search in google and can easily access to your blog and can start reading your article. If you have a good traffic within your website or blog then you can easily earn more than $100 a month. 

8 Set up an Online Course

If you have a skill, and you can articulate said skill, then look no further than online education. You can also earn by setting up online courses on a particular topic and invite people or student to join and earn money. This can be done  either with YouTube or with other relating sources. During Covid crisis people around the world had experience this online classes and courses which was a good example to creating online courses to student on a particular subjects. 

There may be more other ways that can be of help with earning money online with just using laptop and smartphones. If you try and look thoroughly online you will ne able to cite out other sources of earning sites. This is not an easy one to start nor hard to begin. You just need hard work and dedication to achieve this. So all the best and give it a try. Hope you like this blog. 

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