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How do I install PubG Lite on Android Smartphones?

The PubG Mobile Lite officials was made and generally launched for the low budget and low RAM smartphones. This Pubg Lite is compatible with the devices that have less RAM in size and lower processor and graphic settings. Even this PubG Lite has smaller map approximately made for 60 players. This game has less user interface and much compact than the PubG Mobile. Having the less capacities for player around 60 less than 100 players in the PubG Mobile, this game is faster and gives experience to play quickly. The game was officially made for low-end devices and for the players who want to experience the same as PubG Mobile. The PubG Lite has over 100+ million downloads on Google Play Store. The PubG Mobile Lite does not have an application for apple store; it is only available for the android users. 

In this Articles, we will talk about how to install and play PubG Lite on low-end smartphones having less than 1GB and 2GB RAM. Please follow the given steps to download the PubG Lite using APK file. What is full form of PubG? = Players Unknown Battle Ground.

1. Go the official website of play store or visit play store that is available on every android smartphone. You can download directly from the play store.

2. On the play store application, on the search box type “PubG Lite” and click.

3. If you have found already click on install and wait for the installation to complete.

4. To enable the installation, you can enable from the setting, enable “install from unknown sources” if notification pops up to direct to enable it.

5. Install the apk file. The minimum size of the apk file is just around 50 mb in size but there is additional download after installation of the apk application. Therefore, make sure to have 1 GB space on your phone.

6. Enjoy playing PubG game with ease and easy without lagging. 

Let’s discuss about the differences between PubG Mobile and PubG Lite.

1. PubG Mobile is the most played battle ground game, available for both Appstore and PlayStore and have over 100+ million download all over the world. While PubG Lite has less number of players and have less number of downloads and have only for Android users.

2. PubG Mobile has advanced setting as compared to PubG Lite and the file size of PubG Mobile is around 2GB while the latter has only around 500MB.

3. PubG Mobile cannot be played on low-end Android Users and if played will experienced very much laggy, it is generally developed for the players having more than 3 GB RAM to play smoothly. That is why, developers have made another version of PubG Lite for those who wanted to play PubG and experience the same as PubG Mobile.

4. The size of the map of the PubG Lite is smaller than the map size of the PubG Mobile. The number of Maps is available for PubG Mobile and has the advantage of getting faster updates.

5. The graphic designs and playability of the game is much better as compared to PubG Lite.

As we have discussed earlier, the PubG Lite is officially developed for low-end Android users, to make them play and experience the same as the PubG Mobile players. It is like a training games for the beginners to train. But the experience you will get on the PubG Lite is almost similar to the Mobile one and is very good to play with.

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