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How do I play Free Fire on Tencent Gaming Buddy?

Play Free Fire on Tencent Gaming Buddy 

Free Fire
Credit: PlayStore

What is emulator?

Emulators are also softwares that allow game players to play android games using keyboards and mouse with easier on their personal computers. It is the considered to be the best to play games like free fire on PCs. Shooting games are easier and comfortable playing while on a laptop or desktops. With your own customize key controls using keyboards play any shooting games like a pro players.

Garena Free Fire is also among the most popular and played games on the shooting game arena. Free Fire is a game of battle ground played by many players all over the world. It is a multi-player game that can be played on solo mode, dual mode and squad mode. It can also be played on custom mode. This game have less graphic configuration than other popular games like PubG and Call of Duty games. Moreover, the file size of the game is also lesser than the other games. It is having approximately 500-600 Mega-bites as compared to other games that is having more than 1 Giga-bites file sizes. The requirement for playing free fire games of the phone is minimum 1 GB of RAM. But more extra free of RAM can give a smooth gameplay that can as expected of playing games by the game players. Required specification for the game to be able to play is quite enough as compared to other games like PUBG and CALL OF DUTY. The graphic usability inside the game is average as it is having only a minimum space of RAM and file Size. The smartphone having 1 GB of RAM can play free fire with minimum graphic setup and enjoy playing on their phones. The more RAM you have the more play with ease and with higher graphic size and resolutions.

Like PUBG game, this free fire is also the most popular game being played by many players all over the world. It has 100+ millions download all over the world. It is available for both android users and apple users. This free fire game is available both on play store and apple store.

I have tried this game to play and even played on Andy emulator and other emulators too except Tencent gaming buddy. I do not recommend playing on other emulator but to install and play on Tencent emulator or you can either use blue stack. I have already played PUBG game on Tencent emulator and gave more playability and usability. The minimum requirement for playing games on Tencent would be 2 GB of RAM for the game Free Fire. Install the Tencent gaming buddy emulator on your PC and play free fire, PUBG and even CALL OF DUTY games and more. It is the same as installing PUBG on any laptop or desktop. It just need a few simple to install and can play with bigger size resolution and bigger screen. After installing a game, play like a pro game player and get more than 10 kills. With the bigger screen, you can see enemies from far and using 6x scope can kill easily. No more struggles for spotting enemies from far distance areas. Free fire also gives many weapons, equipments, suits, characters, and more.

Follow these steps to download, install and play free fire on Tencent:

First, connect you laptop or desktop with internet that is having a good internet speed.
Secondly, go to official website of Tencent gaming buddy or gaming loop. On the Google search box, type Tencent gaming loop, you will be redirect to official website.
Thirdly, download the emulator, it has only 1. Something size of mb.
Fourthly, after the download is complete, install the emulator.
Fifthly, after the installation is completed, click on start button.
Sixthly, on the search box of the Tencent type free fire and install the game.
Seventhly, wait for the download to complete and enjoying playing free fire game.

Booh Yaah

There are also the simplest steps and methods of installing Android games on Tencent gaming loop with no need of losing lots of mbs. But the process needs little efforts and struggles. With this process you don’t even need to speed 500 mb for full installation. I will share the link here after I made a video and write a lesson on this site. I will try to upload the video on YouTube as well. If you can’t wait for the lesson or video you can go to other videos as well. There are lots of video lesson on installing games on the laptop using many emulators. You can experience much difference of gameplay after install an android games on your personal computers.

Just wait for the next methods further do stay indoors and stay safe with your family and community. Use safety norms and protocols given by the governments and support and cooperate with other personnel and health workers, the “Covid Warriors”.

“Use hygienic behavior” 
Use sanitizers, 
Cover mouth while sneezing and coughing, 
Maintain social distancing, 
Wash hands gently with soaps, 
Avoid touching mouth and nose” 
Let fight Covid together and make world a better place like before.

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