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How to create blogger account | How to make a website for personal use

Create blogger account| Create website for personal use

How to create Blogger account for free
How to create Blogger account for free

Blogger is a free tool for making a free website where you can easily create any blogger account or website for yourself for various uses. It is totally free and easy to access and create. Through this blogger you can even earn passive income by applying and connecting Google ad sense account. The name of this website is read as You can make a website for your own and staring writing about anything that you want to, like your own story, about autobiography, about other’s people life, about the education related topic and information. After you complete drafting, you can upload or publish in your own website.


For making a website for free you must have the following necessary materials:
1.      You must have a laptop or desktop (personal computer) or mobile phones.
2.      You must have a good internet connection.
3.      You must have a very good niche and topic for displaying your site.
4.      You must also have a browser – Google Chrome, Opera, etc.
5.      You must have a Gmail account where you want to use for this website.
6.      After that you can go to and click on the given website or you can directly type the mentioned website on the search bar.
7.      Now choose the name for your blog or website ( any name or title) and click next.
8.      Now choose the website name something like this given in the picture. If the name is available then it will show as available but if not then it will show not available, then click on next.
9.      Later, finally confirm the display name and click finish and your website is ready.

10.  If you want to see how your website looks like, click on view blog, in the next page it will show like this.


It is very simple and easy to make a free website from the website called It is a free tool for making a website for bloggers who wants to share something about themselves or anything with just a free simple website. You can also make a website for yourself and it is time that you can create a free website starting sharing anything that you ever wanted since then.

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