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How to install PubG on Pc, Laptop or Desktop? – An easy step by step process.

PubG Mobile is a sport game amongst the different shooter game players and is the most played game all over the world since 2018. The game offers a good graphic that depends on the GPU speed of a smartphone. It also offers weapons, outfits and other features. PubG Mobile has 100+ million downloads and is the most popular among the games available both on play Store and Apple store. While people having a good smartphone with high graphic processor and with larger display and resolution are enjoying playing games with easier and ease while for other gamers with having a smaller size of smartphones is a challenging one and do not get what they are expecting to get. That is why many gamers having laptop and desktop at home tried to install and play PubG on their personal computers. However, it will make the players to play and spot the enemies easily. They can get a new interface like much larger screen-play, able to see properly and clearly as compared to mobile interfaces.

To install PubG on a laptop, you must have a good internet connection. It is very easy but there is a little steps that you must follow to install PubG because one step lost or miss interpreted the whole process of installing will be gone wrong. That is why careful process of installing any software is very much needed.  As you install PubG on your smartphone, it is as same as installing on the laptop too. Many people use to say, to install PubG you will need to install windows 10 pro or other version of windows 10. While other says your windows is outdated and older version of windows do not support PubG. As anonymous says you must have either windows 10 pro or windows 8 latest version. All these are sense without sense. Installing PubG on laptop and desktop is same; you do not need to think it differently. If you know how to install on a laptop then you can install on a desktop easily.

The only things you must need are good internet connection, android emulators, PubG apk file and PubG obb files. You can get both apk file and obb file from your own mobiles if you already are PubG game player or you can get from others too, your friends. In this lesson I will be telling you and showing how you can install PubG from your Phone to laptop or desktop. You just need to follow the few steps that I am going to tell you in this precise lesson. Carefully follow the methods of installation step by step, and you are good to go. 

Followings are the processes and method of installing PubG on your laptop or desktop.

1.  Connect your laptop or desktop to a good internet connection. Be it WLAN or personal mobile hotspot.

2. On the Google search box search for android emulator by typing Tencent Gaming Loop or Tencent Gaming Buddy. But it depends which emulator you preferred, I would like to recommend using Tencent gaming loop. Download from any website but go for official websites. 

PubG Tencent
Search Tencent Gaming Buddy
Download official website

3. Install the Tencent gaming loop, and wait for the installation process to complete. You can install this emulator on the drive that you want to install but the recommendation would be on the drive that is having more enough space. Be patient it will take time according to the speed of an internet connection.

4. After the completion of installation process, tap on start button.

5. Again wait for the downloading process to complete and after completion enjoy playing like a pro player.


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