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How to make your laptop and desktop or PC 10x faster? Best tricks and tips you must know

How to make your pc faster
How to make your pc faster

If you follow these tricks, your laptop will speed up by 30%, thus increasing your productivity. Whenever you start and open a Windows PC or Laptop you get a feature called Power Mode. There is three or more power mode in a laptop (efficiency/Balance/Performance). Keep it on performance mode especially when you’ve plugged your charger, otherwise, you can keep it on balance mode, or else keep on performance mode to get the peak performance. Most of the times you’ve to wait for apps to open, because your system is on balance mode/ non performance mode where the battery will be extended. So keep it on performance mode and you will notice the differences.

Startup programs: if your system is becoming slow while booting up, then check the startup programs. When installing new software, it often goes into the startup program and keeps running in the background and it thus creates differences in the startup as well as the performances.

Files: nowadays people have 1B hard drives and even more than that and your old files keep stacking which creates differences in performances. And just startup programs, check your files as well.

Storage Sense: it’s a feature that gives you a dashboard showing you the old files and its details. And according to your preferences, you can delete some files and get more storage space.

Defrag Your Storage: Defrag your storage for between 3-6 times a month as even after deleting or saving the files on the hard drive. The files are still there even if you might have not seen them, so defragmentation is very important, So that all files are in one place while reading, writing, and accessing them. And your PC will get faster.

Generally in smart phones, we notice the updates available instantly, but in Windows it’s not that simple and we install the software after getting 2-3 updates and we usually stuck on the older software version. Please don’t do that, do update to the luster version if available as soon as possible and it is really important because it also helps in good performances of the PC. If you go and check now, you might see 30-40 programs available with pending updates.

And nowadays, you don’t actually need to use anti-virus and anti malware and other 3rd party software to prevent the invading or attacking the PC, there is Windows defender which comes built in it if you have Windows laptop or desktop. And then do not install other antivirus software’s as they will slow down the performance of your PC. Windows defender is more than enough for antivirus and antae malwares, etc.

And one important thing, we all use Google Chrome browsers a lot and it is very much power consuming. You might have opened only 1 Tab, you will see that Chrome consumes a lot of resources from your system’s CPU and RAM. So keep a control on it or its better to switch to another browser.

Many times there are hardware limitations as well, if you go to resource monitor and it your RAM utilization is 70-90% then it meant that it is time to upgrade your RAM, if its 8GB then upgrade to higher on like 12GB/16GB. But for a normal users, at least 8GB RAM should be enough nowadays.

Windows Customization: many users like to modify and customize their PC’s looks and customize their desktop or laptop with live wallpapers just like smart phones but it has negative effects on the resource. So keep your setup clean and minimal to get better performance.

If you’re not using a program for so many long, then its better you uninstall them, they also affect your PC’s performance. 

Many times we don’t shut down our PC/Laptop and keep using it without restarting it. Restart your PC, keep a cycle and don’t keep it for longer hours. Most of the times users just close the lid while system keeps running and it makes a negative difference. So restart and shutdown these two points is very important.

There are many simple trick and tips on how to make a pc perform faster and better, but people don’t do those things and complaints themselves that the PC is working not properly and its running slow. All these things happen because of the some of the following reasons.

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