How to recover deleted and formatted files from HDD/SDD Rufus and Wondershare Recoverit

Rufus and Recoverit

Most of the times we realized the mistakes and delete willingly and format the disk drive accidentally. In those cases, we realize later that we want to get back the deleted or formatted files. And we got frustrated and become irritated by our own mistakes. We go to a recovery shop where we can recover our missing files but the recovery guy will tell you that you have to pay this much amount of money or something. Yes in a shop they will charge you more money and it will be very costly and takes time. Before deleting and formatting files, we should have a back up of that particular data in other drives. So that whenever we need those particular files it will be taken instantly. 


But it’s not an end of your files; you can get it back whenever you want it to. With just a few methods and processes you can get it back all the necessary data on the right of your desk. Don’t you worry be happy?



I will be showing step by step how you can recover your lost datas in a very simple way. This is not a trick; you don’t need a trick to get your data back in an easy way. It was because of software that has created to recover the lost files in a step by step process. It needs a manual or guides like most of the software to suppose to work with it so that everything will go perfectly. I will show you with images on how to recover deleted and formatted files. 


Follow these steps;

1. Download any software that is made for recovering the lost datas, I would like to recommend you to download Ease Us Recovery Wizard or Wonder share recoverit from their official websites.

2. Install the downloaded software as administrator,

3. Run the software to recover the lost data,

4. Choose the drive from where you want to recover files or you can choose either,

5. Click on start and wait until it is completed, it will take time according to your drives spaces,

6. After the process is completed, choose the files you want to recover it or choose all to recover everything and select the partition of your drive where you want your recovered files to be stored.

In this way, you can recover files that you willingly or mistakenly deleted. It’s an easy step; you only need software that is good in recovering the files. I would like to recommend the software that you should use for recovering lost files.

1. Ease Us Recovery Wizard

2. Wondershare Recoverit.

Wonder Share Recoverit
WonderShare Recoverit

These two software is very simple to use and easy. Its interface is very light and simple and even the new users will easily know how to use this software. But in external drive cases, you cannot recover them. If you delete the files on your phone or cameras, and want to recover them using Laptop or Desktop, you cannot recover them anymore. So be careful of deleting the files before action. Think twice before performing an action. I have lost the important files and not able to recover them because I deleted them on my camera. I tried in many ways but the result failed. However, there is also a way that can be recovering them using your phones. Connect your phone with Laptop of Desktop using data cable and in the option of software interface, you will see an external recovery you can choose that one and recover the files.

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