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How to write a Resume or CV for a Job



How to start a resume writing. 

First you should be able to understand the preference of your job what kind of job you are looking to, a private corporate company for a governmental services. And then you can easily focus on the aims and objectives of the preferred job of the resume. Do not writing write anything that is coming to your mind, write according to the job that you are applying to. Focus only on the mentioned post of a job and then start writing. 

What should I be writing here. 

Secondly, you can start describing about yourself in brief detail. Give short introduction about you like name, address (present and permanent) , phone numbers, father’s name, mother’s name, etc. The top of your resume should include the following information:


Phone number

Location (City, State, Zip Code)

Email Address

What should I be writing in educational qualifications. 

Name of Institution


School Location

Years Attended

Third, in this section or part, you can explain about your academic records. You can showcase your educational qualifications from lowest to the highest. It will be better if you use tables and columns and rows. Always give your highest qualifications first and at the bottom your lowest qualified academic records should be put in. It should be like ascending or descending orders. If you have other qualifications you can also mentioned here. 

A resume headline is a one-line summary of your qualifications as a candidate. A well-written headline can pique a recruiter’s interest and entice them to dig deeper into your qualifications.Other resume sections may be worthwhile to include, depending on the position and your specific experience. Education, medals & honours, volunteer experience, and certificates are all included in this area. Remember that your resume should always highlight your skills for that specific position, so anything in your background that doesn’t promote the image of you as a suitable fit for the role shouldn’t be included.

What should I be mentioning in experience section. 

Fourth, in this section you can mentioned what experiences you had in your entire life or during your studies. But that experiences should be relatable to the post. For example, you are paying for the post of assistant teacher, and you are giving the experience of typing mainly done by Clerks. It should be totally reference with the post you are applying for. A resume summary statement is a brief paragraph or section of bullet points that appears at the top of a resume and emphasises your professional talents and expertise. Your summary should elaborate on your headline and explain why you are a good fit for the job to recruiters and hiring managers.

The work experience portion of your resume is its beating heart. Employers carefully examine this part to see if your work history and previous successes qualify you as a good prospect.

What should I be mentioning in last section. 

Fifth, you can mentioned anything here like your hobbies, etc. And at last, both side of last line at left side there should be place and date and at right side it should be signature. 

Place and Date                                  Signature

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