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Photo editing apps for android in 2022

We all do editing and making it better than the RAW file of every file. With editing we are able to create and change and adjust everything as we like and make it look better to view the images. We adjust contrasts, white balance, color tones and do more to match the pictures. With lots of editing and make we are able to edit creatively. There are lots of softwares and applications that are available on each websites and we are able to download and use. Nonetheless, some provide good results and some do not. Some are easy to use and provides the features that we require to edit a particular file. So here are the list of Android Application which can be use to edit images professionally. Check it out and make use of the best free photo editor app for android.

1. Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor & Pro Camera

Adobe Lightroom
Image Credit: Google Playstore

Adobe Lightroom is the most used application or software on the platform on Android smartphones and Computers as well. It provides good features in all respects that we are looking for on such apps. It is best for editing photos for serious photographers; it supports RAW file editing and can adjust haze, color tones, grain level, highlight and shadows, curves, white balance, contrast and more. It is a well reputed tool both in Android and computers. The size of this application on Google Playstore is 81mb and has a download of more than 100 millions.

2. Snapseed

Image Credit: Google Playstore

Snapseed is also another good photo editing application made for smartphone users to edit their photos in creative and good looking images that can catch the eyes of the viewers. The size of this application is 22mb and has a download of more than 100 millions across the world. It has also good features like other softwares had. Such as curve option, white balance, contrast level, vintage, filter or luts and more. You can also edit professionally on this application too.

3. PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker

Image Credit: Google Playstore

You can edit video and photo on this application. It has good features that can allow the editors to edit both professionally and make them look professional. It is simple to use and with simplicity you can create and edit photos that can satisfy the looks of your image. It has variety of different features like stickers, and double exposures, collage maker and more. It has more than 500 millions downloads and it has a small file size of 37mb.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker

Image Credit: Google Playstore

Adobe photoshop express android Adobe softwares are good and amazing on the computer and Macbooks and it is also available on android version in different one. Though it allows us to edit and make it good and professional. You can create different types of collage of photos; add filters, white balance, color tones, contrast and more. The file size is also small having just 62mb and downloads of more than 100 millions. And there is another version of Photoshop which is name as Photoshop Mix – cut- out- combine, create. This one is also good in changing color tones of the images and can add text to pictures. We prefer different types of looks in the pictures and may use different types of applications too to make the image look better. The taste of everyone is different and we use different apps. If you find other apps more useful than the mentioned one, you can share in the comment box

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