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Squid Game Season 2

Netflix’s blockbuster series hit from last year, Squid Game, has been officially announced with a renewed second season. Netflix has released a trailer for the programme, as well as a few teases about what’s to come. These include Gi-return, Hun’s the Front Man’s return, the possible return of the man in the suit with ddakji, and the one detail that quickly catches the eye: you might meet Young-boyfriend, hee’s Cheol-su. Young-hee is the name of the animatronic doll from Squid Game who gives even the most hardened of us the creeps and is in charge of the red light-green light game.

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the director, writer, and executive producer of Squid Game, made the revelations in a statement and said that it took 12 years to develop the show, but it took only 12 days for it to become Netflix’s most popular series ever, according to the statement. 

When it comes to dolls, South Korean phenomenon Park Jae-sang, better known by his stage name Psy, has decided to ring in the new decade with a boom. After a long break of five-years, the singer chose to release PSY 9th, the newest contribution to his catalogue.

A tune featuring SUGA from BTS is also included on the upcoming album that is the name of the track produced by SUGA. Young-hee was supposed to be in the music video but was later removed from the final cut, and SUGA delivering a verse in the song would not have been the only surprise. Psy is shown sporting the same clothes and hairstyle as Young-hee and playing pool at a pool table during the behind-the-scenes footage.

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