Top 5 best free video editing apps for Android in 2022


India’s creator is increasing at a rapid rate, many people want to share and upload their pictures in many other social Medias like face book, instagram, websites, etc. and they even uploaded their videos and pictures. If you want to do video editing it is not as simple as that of editing images and for that you need to have a good video editing applications and softwares. If you free video editing apps in the play store, they are mostly available for free of cost but you will also see many ads running on that apps and you will not be able to export in higher resolutions like FHD or 4K. So this article will recommend some video editing apps which do not have a watermark on it but there is one app which can only be remove watermark just by watching the ads. Top 5 best free video editing apps for Android in 2022

Splice: the first in the list that we are going to have is the Splice. It is an Italian app and has only 76mb something. Here you do a professional video editing, you do trim, cut, merge, you can also add many different videos at the same time or can add music, you can do all the basic things here and also there is titles, overlay text and yes you can do export in 4K without watermark.

In video editing glitch effect is very much popular because it leads your video to the next level.

Video Editor: The next video editing apps that we are going to have is Video Editor. In these video editing apps you can use a glitch effect very nicely and there many glitch effects available in the apps. The size of this app is about 38mb. This video editing app is quite easy to use and the entire user interface is very simple and friendly.

Vidma: The next video editing app was released recently and the name of this app is Vidma and has very less size of 16mb only. In this simple video editing app you can export in 4K format without watermark. You can get many types of transition and filters here because it is very important that you use according to your footage. You can also get all the basic features available in all the other video editing apps.

Videoleap editor by lightricks: The next video editing is much better and higher than the rest and has higher size of 79mb and this app is called Videoleap. This app has one unique feature you can use chrome key whenever you use green screen. And it has many types of formats like instagram has square formats, YouTube formats, horizontal format and it support other types of format and you can also edit your videos in different formats and you can get such advantages here in this app. If you do not know about video editing, you can watch and learn here video editing from the lessons given here.

Canva: The last editing is both for Photo and video editing and has good and amazing features attached to it. The size of the app is only 33mb and the name is Canva and it is from Australia. The platform was photo editing in website but later they convert it to app and released it. The amazing feature about Canva is that you can get many free templates and of course any format you like to have in this app. You can make logos, posters, video collage and photo grid – you can make banner for social Medias like face book, instagram, pinterest, twitter, etc.

These are the video editing applications that were recommended to you all, have a try and make use to these apps.

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