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Top best Google adsense alternatives in 2022 for bloggers

The below list are the google adsense alternatives

  • ·         Skimlinks

  • ·         Adversal

  • ·         PropellerAds

  • ·

  • ·         Setupad

  • ·         Infolinks


Google Adsense
Google Adsense

To get the approval from the Google Adsense is not easy and needs very heard work and need to upload and publish very unique contents. And to get the approval some may need more than a months and some says they get approval instantly. We don’t know how much the words are true that they get approval instantly. But there is a chance that if you publish very interesting and unique content you might get approval within a week. The following alternative ads are the one that you can get approval  taking less time than actual google adsense. And the payment terms and conditions in google adsense is very high but you can get minimum payment with a threshold of 10$ or 20$ approximately.


It is easy for blogger and content to rank on google and earn so easy, dedication and hard work is must. Like said before you must have a very interesting and unique content and have to work on proper keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you have a website you can use the above mentioned alternative adsense to start earning with faster and easier approval from the alternative ad network. Though the above alternative ad networks are not  better than Google Adsense but it depends on your topic and niche and traffics, and some  alternative network like and propellarads might give better earning than the rest of the alternatives.


PropellarAds was designed to fulfill the growing needs of performances of marketers. It is a fully and self service advertising network that provides comprehensive and industry leading ad-serving and optimization technologies mainly for online marketers and web publishers. It gives opportunity for both new and old blog sites and it is the fast growing platform. helps to monitize with ad units designed to match the look and feel of the website. It doesnot collect audience data and serve hyper targeted ads relevent to your audience. This is run by Bing and Yahoo.


Adversal, it is a self-serve advertsing service where publishers buy and publish ads with the platform without actual assistance of a man. To be eligible to get this adversal site need to have at least 50000 pageviews per month which is quite not easy. Must have own domain but its payout is very low only 20$.


InfoLinks also provides a possible alternative to display ads. Its specialty is in text advertising placement. It automatically searches for keywords in the body of the blog text and links ads with relevant snippets. It can monetize any blog new or old blog and it needs minimal requirements for pages views and need no fee for setup.


AdCash is best for new blogger. This adcash serve more than 200 million active users around the world. It supports all ad formats from normal to more premium units. It is easy place and customize any ad unit on your blog.


Skimlinks’ specialty is in affiliate marketing which makes it unique from other ads alternative on the list. It works by scanning the text of the blog. It is best for affiliate marketers who want their affiliate links to place anywhere on the blog without doing anything.


You can also use and try these other alternative ad networks which is also quite good for blogger or website creators. You can also get quite a good passive income from these ads also. Like Popads, Adsterra or Amazon Display Ads – these are also very good for passive income – they are also generate good amount of income from the blog.


  • ·         Popcash

  • ·         Adrecover

  • ·         Adsterra

  • ·         Popads

  • ·         Viglink

  • ·         Amazon Display ads








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