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Vault ST1 Premium Electric Guitar


vault st1 premium electric guitar

Among your other instruments, the Vault ST1 Strat Style Electric Guitar is guaranteed to stand out. The chrome plating on the guitar’s hardware protects it from rust and provides massive solidity. The guitar’s body is made of sycamore, which provides enough strength. Clean tones with well-defined treble notes are produced by this tonewood species. Bright tones with tight lows are produced by the maple neck. Maple is a long-lasting tree that is resistant to climatic fluctuations. The fretboard’s Indian Laurel/Walnut construction produces warm, mellow tones. Indian Laurel/Walnut has a lot of greasy pores that absorb all of the unwanted overtones. As a result, you get fundamentally rich tones. The HSS pickup on this guitar allows for varied playability across a wide range of applications. And this guitar can be played by both beginner and experts.

Vault guitars have a double action truss rod, which is only seen in high-end guitars from Ibanez, Fender, PRS, and other manufacturers. It has the advantage of being able to modify the guitar for both humid and dry weather. The truss rod can be tightened in both directions, and guitarists can quickly correct the reverse warp that produces string buzzing.

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Low-noise, high-output pickups that produce exceptional sound. Saddle adjustment screws are included with all pickups. Tuners are made of high-quality chrome-plated nickel die cast and have a 16:1 tuning ratio, allowing you to fine-tune your instrument. Only high-end guitars have tuners like these.

Only luxury guitars have the jumbo frets utilised in Vault. Because jumbo frets are composed of bigger gauge wire, the top of the fret is set back from the fretboard. You may get your fretting-hand fingers further down in the gap to the side of the string, which makes it easier to apply sideward pressure to the string.

Whammy Bar and high-quality Tremolo bridge for improved resonance and sustain. The tremolo, which is made of industrial quality steel, produces a greater tone and harmonic response than any other guitar in this price range.

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