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Windows 11 latest version of windows


windows 11
Image Credit: Microsoft

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Microsoft windows has been using by many users around the world for since the era of Microsoft windows. It has achieved in getting and attracting users to use windows for all purposes – both normal users and professional users. It has many users more than that of MaC or Apples Windows user.

Coming up of Windows 11 is rushing the people for using latest version of windows to experience new style of windows and enjoying better experience. Users are expecting more from the latest version of windows than ever and are happy with the update. Hope that the windows 11 may not upset its users.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Windows –

·         It is cheap in price as compared to Mac.

·         It is available with many features that satisfy users.

·         It can be use for both minimal and maximum usages.

·         It is easily available in the market.



Though the users were using the windows for many, there is always a problem for budget Personal Computer users and with outdated users which made them hard to cooperate with new updates. But the update is for the good of all users which brings many good and privacy features which will be essential for all users without any interruption.

Windows 11 comes with many new features which provide calm and creative spaces where you can experience a fresh start. Starting from a start menu you can connect to people, games, news and content as well. It has a new features like Snap layouts, Desktops.

You can get or buy this new Windows 11 from Microsoft official website.

System Requirement for Using Windows 11

·         Minimum 1 Giga Hertz or higher or faster one with 2 or more cores with a compatible of 64 bits.

·         Minimum 4 GB RAM and for better experience 8GB RAM is recommended.

·         Minimum storage with 64GB hard disc.

·         With a minimum system firmware like UEFI or Secure Bootable capability.

·         Trusted Platform Module with a 2.0 version.

·         DirectX 12 is recommended for experience good graphics.

·         With a minimum Display of 720 pixel.

·         Microsoft account and internet connection is required for setting or installing of window 11.





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